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Gypsum Board Ceiling

Gypsum Board Ceiling

We do offer a service of gypsum board false ceiling work in Mumbai, since 2007. After painting this, Gypsum board false ceiling is looking like natural wall. The expenses are less to do this work. Work is done fast and cheaper compared to other materials. This is being used in A.C. Ducting, A.C. Pipe line, wiring, wall paneling, pelmet of the A.C. and in doing the work of the office in the night and is used in making decoration in the residence. Without this, it is not possible to give modular look to the room. Therefore, this is very important work. Due to this, look of the ceiling is suddenly changed.

We are doing the ceiling, by keeping before us the purpose, design, budget, time, furniture place, material, durability, lighting, effect, color combination, maintenance and creation of new designs on each site. Whatever all images are there on our website, that are prepared by us. All ceiling are selected by us. Many people without taking false ceiling, deciding that, the height of the flat is to be reduced, but the technique which we are having with us, due to this, we are making lowest drop, not allowing reducing the height. To some extent, we have achieved the success in this. If you see our client list and if you know the client. You are residing in this use building, then you, after going to the place, wherever, we had done the work and if that are near to you, then you could see that, after going there. Where the ceiling has to be made, we are rightly judging to that and deciding that which right design and materials are to be used and deciding that at each place, the light material is to be used in which way.

Even that type of material is not being used. We by using right material at the right place are reducing the costing of the work, so that money shall be used properly. We try to prepare new design in low budget. If we are doing the work in the flat, then trying to create New Design in each bedroom, hall, passage and in each cabin of the Office. If you are having design with you or having or not having its any images and any design is selected from us, we can prepare and give same to same design to you, just like its Xerox copy. We have skilled workers, who can finish the work within timeline in professional manner.